Using PowerPoint to create text mask effect.

PowerPoint presentations are often the target of derision. This is largely due to people misunderstanding the effective use of the software and/or creating boring presentations that have been seen before. If you spend any amount of time watching presentations you will start recognising the same tired old themes.

With that in mind — and because PowerPoint is such a great tool for easily creating eye-catching graphics — I am always looking for new ideas.

A common effect used in graphic editing software is the “mask” effect.

This effect is far easier to recreate in PowerPoint than in GIMP or PhotoShop.

  1. Create a blank slide in a new slide show
  2. Set the overall dimensions of the slide to the size of the image that you want to create
  3. Add a text box to the slide
  4. Add some text to the text box
  5. Select the textbox, right-click the text box, and select the Drawing Tools » Format menu
  6. Select the Text Fill button and select the Picture option
  7. Browse to and select your image
  8. Use the Text Outline button if needed.

By MisterFoxOnline

CAT Educator

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