There is a fairly long list of ways in which people commit cybercrimes (crimes committed using computer technology). Some are simply mildly irritating, while others range from financially disastrous to life-threatening.

A number of the following cybercrimes are categorised under the heading “social engineering“, which is defined as: “The use of deception to manipulate or ‘con’ (trick) someone into giving out confidential information (such as passwords or account numbers) or into giving access to their computer or premises in order to gain access to systems, networks or physical locations, or for financial gain.”

Here is an (incomplete) alphabetic list of terms you need to study:

  1. Bots & botnets
  2. Click-jacking
  3. Computer viruses
    1. Ransomware
    2. Trojan
    3. Worm
  4. DDoS
  5. Hacking
  6. Social Engineering
    1. Catfishing
    2. Pharming
    3. Phishing (Smishing)
    4. Spear phishing
  7. Spam
  8. Spoofing
  9. Spyware
    1. Keylogger

Common assessment questions include asking you to describe the difference between the types of techniques.

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