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The more work you put in now the easier you will find it later on!

You must create a summary for each of your 10 (or more) sources. You have been taught how to summarise in your language classes. Summarising in your own words, in full sentences, will save you a world of time later in the project! Summarise the web page, do not answer the question. Ensure that your summaries will enable you to easily fulfil the word-count requirements of the PAT. Don’t forget to save evidence of all of your sources in your Resource Material folder as you go.

Read your Learner Guide!

If one of your sources is a video, a recording or an interview, you must summarise the content of that source in writing the same as your text sources.

Grade 12s

Your report should, as a guide, consist of approximately 1 600- 2 000 words (content only, excluding cover page, table of contents, references and graphics).

The Grade 12 Learner Guide 2021

Do not copy-paste — plagiarism is dealt with as dishonesty!

With this in mind, each summary should eventually result in at least 160 words.

Grade 11s

Communicate the knowledge and insight that you have gained as well as the recommendation(s)/solution(s) to the problem. You need to write a summarised planning document (1000 – 1500 words, not counting the cover page, table of contents, references and graphics) on your investigation and findings.

The Grade 11 Learner Guide 2022

With this in mind, each summary must eventually result in a minimum of 100 or more words.

Grade 10s

You need to summarise each source. Two or three paragraphs of about 60-70 words for each source will be sufficient. Summarise each source in your own words, in full sentences.

Phase 1 is finished!

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