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Grade 10, 11 and 12 PAT’s must all include as much evidence of research (and planning) as possible. For this purpose, you must create a Research Material folder in your Phase 1 folder in which you can store all of your research and planning. This is a simple task that should be completed as you perform your research: there really is no excuse for not having at least 10 files of different kinds!

Your folder should be filled with:

  • PDF copies of all the websites you used (in Chrome, use the keyboard keystroke combination CNTRL+P to “print” the entire webpage as a PDF).
  • If one of your sources is a PDF, you must download and save it here.
  • If you use a book or other printed material as a resource, you must scan at least the cover and the page with the details of the author, publisher, etc., and save them here.
  • If one of your sources is a sound-clip (recording of an interview), save it here.
  • If you made hand-written notes during an interview, scan them in, and save them here.
  • Any planning — mindmaps, sketches, or notes scribbled on a scrap of paper — can be scanned and saved here
  • You can even scan all your completed questionnaires and save them digitally!

Don’t forget to create links from the report document to these resources, or even embed these resources in your report document, where appropriate.

If you used a digital form such as a Google Form to create your questionnaire, you should provide evidence of this here as well.

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