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There are plenty of online icon creation websites. Try

A “Splash Screen” and an Application Icon in your Microsoft Database are stylish additions that result in a slick, professional-looking application. Your Application Icon will appear in the title bar of your Forms and Reports. I use the amazing GIMP for all my graphics needs. GIMP has the option to export to the Microsoft Icon format (.ico).

To add your icon to your database:

  1. Select File » Options
  2. Select the Current Database section
  3. Add an Application Title
  4. Click the Browse button
  5. Select the Use as Form and Report Icon option
  6. Click the OK button
  1. The dialogue window is already set to filter for Icon format files
  2. Use the Search box to search by extension
  3. Select your icon
  4. Click the OK button

You have to restart Access and re-open your database to see the result.

Drag on the image below to see the before (default logo) and after (custom icon) screenshots:

Standard Access Application iconCustom Access Application icon

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