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A Google Form can be split into sections. Not only does this help in the logical arrangement of your questions, but it allows you to add logic to move from one section to another section based on the answer to a question in the first section. Progress from one section to another can therefore be conditional, based on the answer to a question in another section.

In this post:

  1. Scenario
  2. Logic
  3. Options

1. Scenario

Let’s consider a questionnaire where we only want information from ice-cream lovers. The first question in the Google Form is “Do you like ice-cream?”. This is followed by a second section, Section 2, with the title “Questions about ice-cream”. For our purposes, because we are only interested in obtaining information from ice-cream lovers, if they indicate that they do not like ice-cream, they are taken to the end of the Form.

The Form below is the starting point for this exercise:

2. Logic

Activate the logic options using the menu option Go to section based on answer.

3. Options

Select the options from the dropdown controls for each of the answers to the question:

  • If the answer to this question “Do you like ice-cream?” is Yes then the respondent is taken to Section 2 to answer questions about ice-cream.
  • If the answer to the question is No, the Form is submitted.

Don’t forget to test your Form!

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