Visual Basic for Applications

Visual Basic for Applications (“VBA”) is an implementation of Microsoft’s event-driven programming language Visual Basic 6.0 built into most desktop Microsoft Office applications.

1. Automating office tasks

Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint are powerful applications each in their own right. Anyone who has used Word’s Mail Merge knows the joy of the many ways in which the applications are interoperable.

The next step is to use Macros to automate tasks and from there, it is not much of a stretch to start writing your own custom VBA code (even if it is with the help of a little Googling).

2. Learning to code

Fiddling around by recording Macros in Excel, Word and Access and then inspecting the generated code was my introduction to coding many years ago.

3. Tutorials

3.1 Common programming concepts

3.2 By application

I have also divided the VBA tutorials by application.




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