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The source information captured in the previous step must now be added as sources in Word on the References menu tab. Once you open the Create Source dialog you cannot copy from the content of your Word document (the dialog is modal). To overcome this, copy-paste the source details from the tables in your Word document into Notepad++ as plain text.

Example of a source details table

In this post:

  1. Source Manager
  2. Create source
  3. Author name edit

1. Source Manager

Follow these steps to create and record the details of a Website source:

Annotated screenshot of theSource Manager dialog window in Microsoft Word 2016.
Creating a new source

2. Create source

  1. Navigate to the References menu
  2. Click on the Manage Sources button
  3. The Source Manager dialog opens
  4. Click the New button to open the Create Source dialog below
Creating a Source in Microsoft Word.
Creating a Source in Microsoft Word.
  1. The Create Source dialog window opens
  2. Select Web site from the Type of Source dropdown, or:
    1. Book for a book
    2. Document From Web site for a PDF downloaded from a website
    3. Interview for a recording of, or a transcript of, an interview you conducted and recorded, or an interview you found on YouTube
  3. Copy-paste the relevant information into the various boxes: Author,
  4. It is best to add the author(s) using this Edit button (see next section for more)
  5. Click here is if it is a Corporate author
  6. Name of Webpage
  7. Name of Web Site
  8. Year: 4 digits, or if no date at all, enter n.d.
  9. Month: written out in full with a capital letter,
  10. Day: in digits (if you have only a year or month & year, enter the details you have; if there is no date at all enter n.d. in only the year field)
  11. URL
  12. Click OK

3. Author name edit

Clicking on the Edit button in step 4 above opens the following dialog window which will ensure that you add the name(s) of one or more authors correctly:

Adding Author name(s) correctly to your Source in Microsoft Word.
Adding Author name(s) correctly to your Source in Microsoft Word.

Repeat the process to create the remaining 2 sources.

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