Please do not use this feature! It is not part of the syllabus and will only result in your becoming confused and losing marks in assessments. The command adds filtering to the range as well as some Named Ranges and it is these that cause complications when using other functions and features.

In this post:
  1. Quick formatting hack

1. Quick formatting hack

I will however confess to (ab)using it in the following manner to format data very quickly:

  • Using Excel's Format as Table command.
  • Confirming the range and header row for the Table.
  • Removing the Table from the formatted data using the Convert to Range button.
  • Removing the Table from the range, leaving the formatting in place.
  1. Select your data range
  2. Select the Format As Table command button
  3. Select an option from the previews based on how it looks
  4. The Create Table dialog opens – this should alert you to the fact that this is not actually a formatting option!
  5. The data for the Table does not have to be the data that you selected
  6. Confirm whether your data has headers or not
  7. Click the OK button
  8. The range is formatted – click any cell in the range.
  9. Filters have been added/activated
  10. Activate the Table Design menu
  11. Select the Convert to Range button (this removes the filters, named ranges etc)

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