Google Forms interface

You are allowed to use a digital form such as a Google Form to create your Phase 2 questionnaire. Be careful to “self-mark” to ensure that you fulfill all the requirements of the PAT. To do this, unfortunately at this stage, you must still create a form in Microsoft Word as per the requirements and then recreate it digitally as a Google Form.

Creating your Google Form

Navigate to your Google Drive. Create a new folder in your Drive. Create your Form using the Add button. If you do not work in Google Drive, open Google Forms in your browser (Chrome works best) and create a new Form.

Google Forms interface
Google Forms interface

Add questions for each piece of information you need to collect by clicking on the plus button in the floating vertical menu on the right of the screen. Each question has a number of settings much in the same way that you can apply properties to fields in Microsoft Access.

Creating a Google Form (use the slider to view)
  1. Click and type a name for your form
  2. Click and type a title for your form
  3. Add a description and/or message to your form
  4. Click the plus icon to add a question
  5. Select a question type
  6. Click and type your Question label
  7. Set the question to required if appropriate
  8. You cannot save – your work is automatically saved
  9. You can change the colour and design elements of your form
  10. You can view the form

If you set the Name, Surname, Age and E-mail fields to required you might put some people off due to privacy concerns. The same goes for setting the Form to automatically collect e-mail addresses.

Pay attention to settings for required answers and validation of answers.

Use checkboxes and radio buttons correctly. If you have a closed question that requires only one selection from the options offered, remember that a radio button control only allows one option to be selected so you do not need to add an instruction such as “Select one answer only”.

There are also a number of Form settings to work through.

Fulfill the PAT requirements

Invite your Educator to complete the Google Form by clicking the “Send” button and entering their e-mail address. Also, add your Educator to the Google Form as a collaborator. That way they have access to the Form for the purpose of assisting you and of course marking the finished work

Save (“print”) the Google Form as a PDF as evidence of your work: in Chrome use the CTRL + P keyboard-combination to print the Form to a PDF. Export the Google Form results to a Google Sheet and share that Sheet with your Educator.

Download your data

Download the Google Sheet as an Excel workbook with the option: File >> Download >> Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) once you have collected enough responses. Save the workbook in your Phase 2 folder.

Check out the totally amazing JotForm Form Builder for an alternative to Google Forms!

Next step: Phase 2 Excel analysis

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