As much as Hyphenation appears to be dying out, modern word-processing software like Microsoft Word still offers advanced hyphenation options, even if they are largely unknown or ignored.

In this tutorial:
  1. Hyphenations settings
  2. Style

1. Hyphenation settings

  • Setting Hyphenation Options to None in a Word document.
  • Setting Hyphenation Options to Automatic in a Word document.
  • Setting Hyphenation Options in a Word document.
  1. Activate the Layout menu
  2. Select the Hyphenation command button
  3. Select the None option
  4. The only hyphenation is that of the compound adjective, “betwixt-and-between”
  5. Using the Automatic option
  6. results in ten instances of hyphenation
  7. Hyphenation Options include Automatically hyphenate document as well as the option to Hyphenate words in CAPS
  8. Click the OK button to continue

2. Style

Hypehantion can be set for the entire document, for certain selections in a document, or for a specific Style in a document.


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