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The Freeze Panes command makes it easier to work in spreadsheets when scrolling both vertically and horizontally by allowing the user to specify heading row(s) and/or heading column(s) that should remain in place and not scroll out of sight.

Rows above and columns to the left of the selected cell will become frozen when the Freeze Panes button is clicked. Accordingly, you can select a column and freeze only the column(s) to the left of the selected column, and you can select a row and only freeze row(s) above the selected row.

In the example below, we will freeze the first row and the first column:

Excel Freeze Panes command.Excel Unfreeze Panes command.
  1. Select cell B2
  2. Select the View menu
  3. Select Freeze Panes
  4. Click on the Freeze Panes option — scroll vertically & horizontally to see that row 1 and column A is “frozen” in place.
  5. The Freeze Panes option becomes the Unfreeze Panes option when Freeze Panes has been activated.

The Freeze Top Row and Freeze First Column options do exactly as they suggest.

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