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Loads of code-snippets and demos harking back to my early development days. Much of the work is old PHP code and contains deprecated functions; I am busy slowly refactoring some of it…

QR Code generator

A simple implementation of a QR Code generator using the free API. I added a bit of jQuery to keep things interesting, but the key to the following code is simply in passing a few parameters via a GET request.


“Chosen is a JavaScript plugin for Prototype and jQuery that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly.”


The Datatables jQuery plugin.


A simple implementation of the Simple HTML DOM Parser by S.C. Chen. Provide a fully qualified URL and the scraper will return a page displaying just the images from that URL.

CSV to SQL converter

This script will create SQL INSERT statements from your pasted CSV data.


Create and administer a simple online poll. Uses cookies. Currently not fully functional — I am busy refactoring the code as the original version uses deprecated PHP functions.

By the way, the “theme” on these pages goes way back to when elements like tiled background images were a thing!


Its is an auction-type site: Items loaded on the site may be bid for by registered users.

The application allows Items (with name, details, images, starting price, date of the auction) to be loaded on the database in the Admin panel

Items are organised into Categories. Categories may be edited in the Admin panel as well.

Users may register on the site to bid on an auction. When they register, they must do so with a valid email account. Their registration details are then mailed to them along with an activation link.

The application is written in Object Orientated PHP with a MySQL backend, and valid HTML and CSS.


Busy refactoring code — deprecated PHP functions.

BrowserStack App

Busy refactoring code — deprecated PHP functions.


Busy refactoring deprecated PHP functions.

Start typing the name of a country into the search box below. Each letter typed triggers a jQuery AJAX request to a PHP script which returns the result of a query to a MySQL database table. The matches are displayed in a neat dialog – when you see the name of the country you are searching for, click on it to enter it into the text field!


Deprecated PHP functions need refactoring.

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