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This is a great example of creative problem solving using technology at one’s disposal, even if in a way that it was not intended!

Instagram is filled with some pretty impressive media: photos and videos as well as other graphic media content that was most likely not created on the average mobile device. Short of creating content on a laptop or PC and then transferring it to your smartphone so that you can upload it to Instagram, how can this be achieved? Here is a workaround:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Sign into your Instagram account
  3. Open the Developer Tools (CNTRL + SHIFT + I)
  4. Click on the Toggle device toolbar option (CNTRL + SHIFT + M)
  5. Refresh the page (f5)
  6. The interface should now look like it would on a mobile device, complete with the create button
Instagram mosaic
Instagram mosaic

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