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I have a specific workflow in Google Classroom to ensure that students are able to work closely with me to complete tasks. Sometimes work is handed in that is not quite right and I expect it to be fixed and resubmitted. The process for this is not self-evident, so this post is about how to do this. If you uploaded or attached a file to the Assignment, you will not be able to make changes to that file unless you Unsubmit the Assignment first.

If you have received a mark for an Assignment, do NOT resubmit the Assignment!!

You must check the Assignments that you have handed in but do not have a mark to see if I have made a comment. If you look at your Assignments and you see a comment on the assignment: click View Assignment to view it fully and read the comment(s). If you are required to change the work that you handed in, do the following:

  1. You must first Unsubmit the Assignment.
  2. Make the changes required of you.
  3. Hand the Assignment in again.
  4. Add a Private Comment on the Assignment to notify me that you have made the necessary changes — this is important as if my comment is the last comment on an Assignment, I do not waste my time checking to see if anything new has been done to it — I only check when I can see by your comment that you have done what was asked of you. Keep the comment as short as possible: a simple “Done” is enough.

When you comment on the Assignments, the comment is private; only you and I can see it. When you make a reply comment to let me know you have completed the task, you must comment privately as well on the Assignment — do not comment where the rest of the class can see the comment.

Most Assignments are marked — the easiest way to tell if you are finished with an Assignment is to check if you have been awarded marks for that Assignment — if you have been awarded a mark, you are finished with that Assignment!

By MisterFoxOnline

Mister Fox AKA @MisterFoxOnline is an ICT, IT and CAT Teacher. He has a passion for technology and loves to find solutions to problems using the skills he has learned in the course of his IT career.

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  1. It’s very helpful in terms of fixing our mistakes , help us undersand the work and some of us learn from our mistakes.

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