A frequent question in Grade 11 and 12 assessments requires you to understand how a user might take the hard copy of a document and use it to create a digital copy of that document. The piece of knowledge being tested here is OCR software. Practically following the below exercise will help you understand this piece of theory!

How can a teacher take a hard copy of a test (for which the original digital file has been lost) and make changes to it?

  1. Use a scanner to scan the hard copy of the document & save it as a PDF
  2. Use OCR software to convert the scanned document into a digital, text document
  3. Use word processing software such as Microsoft Word or a text editor such as Notepad++ to make the changes to the digital version of the document

The OCR conversion can also be done by:

  • right-clicking the PDF document, opening it with Microsoft Word 2016 and saving the files as a .docx.
  • uploading the PDF document to Google Drive and opening the PDF with Google Docs, then downloading it as a .docx

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