I have admittedly referred to the ¶ symbol as anything from the “Show/Hide symbol” to the “funny backwards capital P sign” to the “paragraph mark”. It has a name: it is called a Pilcrow and I promise to call it that from now on.

If you truly want to drive your colleagues nuts, insist they use Word with Show/Hide activated. Nothing seems to strike more fear in the heart of the average user.

How it is that users expect to use Word proficiently without displaying formatting marks is beyond me. Always happy to interrupt me with a “won’t you just help me”, they seem incapable of helping themselves by clicking on the Show/Hide button.

My learners know that if they want to give me another clump of grey hairs they simply need to do the following in a Word document:

Some text in a paragraph.¶

Some text in a second paragraph.¶

Yes: I think I just broke out in hives.

By the way, the HTML entity for the Pilcrow is: ¶ (see more here: https://www.htmlsymbols.xyz/unicode/U+00B6)

By MisterFoxOnline

CAT Educator

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