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Below is a simple, self-explanatory example of using the COUNTIF function to evaluate a range of data. The COUNTIF function counts the number of values in a range of cells based on their matching one specific criteria. This is something that you can easily do as a practical exercise in class: if you want to know how many male learners there are in the class, count the number of learners in your class but only if they are male.

=COUNTIF($D$2:$D$7, C9)


  • Correct selection of criteria: I have not selected the second argument, the criteria, from the range of data being evaluated
  • Labels: I have used labels in column C to describe my calculations to make the spreadsheet easier to understand
  • I have used these same labels as the criteria argument for the COUNTIF function
  • I have used an absolute reference to the range being evaluated so that I can copy the function down
Excel COUNTIF function example.
Excel COUNTIF function example.

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