You will often come across the scenario where data is filled into an Excel worksheet and an error occurs that must be dealt with. This is especially relevant when further calculations are based on cells containing an error. Excel’s ISERROR() function returns TRUE if it detects any of the Excel error codes — the ISNA() function does the same but only if the #N/A error code is returned.

In this tutorial:
  1. Syntax
  2. Example
See also:
  • ISERR()
  • IFNA()

1. Syntax

=ISNA(expression, value_if_na)

expression is any valid expression (formula, function, etc.)

value_if_na is a text string displayed in place of #N/A

Returns the result of the expression if it is available, or the text string in value_if_na if the #N/A is returned.

2. Example

Head on over to the VLOOKUP() function tutorial.


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