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PowerPoint‘s ability to export slides as image files makes it an incredibly easy-to-use, versatile image creation application. Whilst it is certainly nowhere near as powerful as the giants, Photoshop and GiMP, it offers almost everything the average PC user could need, including the ability to layer objects, change opacity and more.

  1. Set the size of your slide to match the dimensions of the final image you want to create: Design >> Slide Size >> Custom Slide Size
  2. Create your artwork: use all the PowerPoint tools and features available!
  3. Select the File menu and then Save As
  4. Select a folder to export to
  5. Select PNG Portable Networks Graphic (*.png) from the Save as type: dropdown
  6. Edit the name if required

Unfortunately, animated GIF’s are not supported; a huge pity that one can’t export an animated slide as an animated GIF!

You can export to PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP. PNG is probably the most versatile format for your needs.

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