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Task Manager is a system monitor and startup manager included with Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is useful for monitoring resources such as RAM and CPU and allows you to close non-responsive (“hanging”/“frozen”) applications.

Access options:

  • Right-click the Task Bar and select Task Manager
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL and select Task Manager


  1. Processes
  2. Performance
  3. App history
  4. Startup
  5. Users
  6. Details
  7. Services

Task Manager options:

  • Switch To
    Switch to the application’s window, bringing it to the front of your desktop and putting it in focus. This is useful if you’re not sure which window is associated with which application.
  • End Task
    End the process. This works the same as the “End Task” button.
  • Run New Task
    Open the Create New Task window, where you can specify a program, folder, document, or website address and Windows will open it.
  • Open File Location
    Open a File Explorer window showing the location of the program’s .exe file.
  • Search Online
    Perform a Bing search for the program’s application name and file name. This will help you see exactly what the program is and what it does.
  • Properties
    Open the Properties window for the program’s .exe file. Here you can tweak compatibility options and see the program’s version number, for example. [1]


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